When I was little, I loved paper dolls. I remember books my grandmother and others gave me with paper dolls that just thrilled me. I'm a crafty graduate student in the San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy working with paper, textiles, writing, knitting, bookbinding, crochet, sewing, and in late 2004, I jumped on the Blythe bandwagon. I love making my girls new things, combining my different artistic skills and working on a miniature scale. This journal will be to post my Blythe creations, both clothing/accessories and furniture. I also will share my knitting, felting, and other craft projects. My aesthetic comes from 1920s-1950s style. I would say that I really like the styles of the 50s in fabrics of the 20s and 30s. I am inspired by other eras and styles, including Japanese street fashion, high-end couture, thrift store finds, vintage patterns and etiquette books, and I will admit to fully loving domestic decor - I have separate aprons for baking and hostessing. ;) paperdollygirl @ hotmail.com

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