Happy May Giveaway Day! I am so happy to participate in today’s giveaway day, organized by the wonderful, creative folks at Sew, Mama, Sew. I really love reading everyone else’s blogs and seeing what everyone is working on.

For today’s giveaway, I would like to send off five skeins of Classic Elite Four Seasons (70% cotton, 30% wool). I overbought this yarn for a project and figured since I have so much remaining that maybe someone else would like it. To enter (sorry international folks, U.S. only), please leave a comment before May 25 and make sure you submit your e-mail address so I can contact you. If you’d like to share something about yourself, perhaps what summer knitting projects you have planned. Thanks for stopping by!

For the IK Brick Pullover

Lactation cookies!

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Things have been quiet around the blog for a good reason. On March 21, 2011, my husband and I met our new baby. We have a sweet little girl! I still can’t believe it. The transition has been challenging, amazingly difficult, wonderful and just such a blessing. I’ve had so much on my mind the past few weeks. Thinking about what I want from my life, what I want from my creative energy. I’m going through a big shift style-wise, and with what I want to spend my time on. Expect things to change around here over the next few months. I anticipate a surge in cooking and home type posts, and of course, I will write about my new adventures in motherhood. I am still sewing and knitting, but since my size is changing so much, most of these creative pursuits will be directed towards home or baby items.

Without further ado, I am learning about a whole new world. I found a recipe online for these cookies, which are basically oatmeal cookies with a nutritional boost from flax seed and brewer’s yeast, all designed to be delicious and improve the milk supply for a nursing mother. Basically, I think it’s an easy way to justify eating plates of cookies when I haven’t lost any baby weight yet. Never fear about the cookie’s name – they did not cause any of my family members to spontaneously lactate. I think not only does my photo look WAY better than the one with the recipe, my ingredients are also better. I used half whole wheat flour and added about 3/4 cup of chopped dried cherries. They really are fantastic. I searched long and far, and finally settled on Lewis Labs’ Brewer’s Yeast. Holy moly, this stuff is packed with nutrition! I will definitely be experimenting with it more in the future.

Scrappy Nap Pillow

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I have been sewing and knitting and sewing and resting to get ready for this baby. I’m due in TWO days! I feel ready to share some of the special projects I’ve been working on. This is the Scrappy Nap Pillow from Handmade Beginnings. I completely love it. The button in the middle is a vintage button from a specialty shop in NYC. The patchwork pieces are mainly from scraps that I’ve been using for baby items. It’s soft and squishy. And completely at home, waiting in my new glider to hold me and the baby.

This is how it usually looks! Mr. Bubbles is a BlaBla doll, the super soft white bunny is from Pottery Barn KIds, and the awesome brown bunny on the left is handmade by This Is Love Forever.

Scrappy Nap Pillow

February Lady Sweater

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Things have been quiet around here… this photo shows why! I am expecting a baby in just over seven weeks. I finished this February Lady Sweater just before Christmas. I need to get new buttons for it – the buttons I had just are not large enough. The yarn is the Berroco Ultra Alpaca, and the project used nearly 4 full skeins. I think it’s a bit long, but it’s comfortable, cozy and warm, which is what I wanted. I hope to use it after the baby of course, and it seemed a good alternative to the unattractive maternity sweaters I saw in the stores. I skipped the eyelet increases, and looking at it on me, I wish I had started the lace pattern on the sleeves earlier, even though it would have been annoying to figure out and it would have ruined the symmetry of starting the lace body at the same point.


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Wheee!!! It’s December, which means I am officially behind on Christmas knitting. Not too hard to imagine, considering all of the yarn pictured is NOT for Christmas gifts. The top cocoa color is for a fair isle sock. The purple is for a February Lady Sweater I am nearly finished with. The first orange is also for the fair isle sock. The bottom orange is for diaper covers.

Around this time of year, I always feel dismayed that there are just not enough hours in the day to make every precious item I want to make for my family members. I try to pick one each year, but when there are so many beautiful patterns and so many beautiful yarns, it’s really hard to narrow it down!

Do you hand make Christmas gifts? If so, how early do you start? How do you determine who gets something?